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  • Unleash the potential of customized chemical storage with our aluminum bottles. Tailored to your specifications, our design flexibility ensures your exact needs are met. From varying capacities to impeccable safety features, our aluminum bottles guarantee secure containment. Corrosion-resistant and durable, they safeguard your chemicals effectively. This bottle can ideally be used with branding stickers to promote your business or products with its bare sides. This bottle is lightweight and made of non-reactive materials, making it a stylish and ecological choice to package cosmetics, medicine, or personal care items.
  • This funnel boast a durable stainless steel construction, ensuring that they will last for years to come. This funnel is ideal for your business. its wide mouth is convenient for protecting the foil bag from getting resin on the inside of the bag.
  • PORCUPINE ROLLER  is a steel roller with a wood handle designed and safety guard to perforate films to allow air, volatiles, and some resin to flow through the film. The amount of resin flow can be controlled by the depth of the pin penetration. Also useful on foam to give the bonding adhesive a better grip on the foam surface. Pin patterns and length of pin extensions vary by model.
    • The paint material is environmentally friendly and healthy, with strong bearing capacity, waterproof and rust resistant.
    • Multi-functional and practical, save space, neatly stored, diverse in size, prevent deformation, stable and hard.
    • Beautiful appearance, practical, stylish design, exquisite workmanship.
    • Multi-layer polishing and polishing, exquisite workmanship and outstanding surface texture.
    • Multi-layer process film to form a protective film that is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, scratches and rust.
    • This stand is a perfect solution for areas where you do not have a place to set the object you want to hang up.. It easily adheres to the stand on its, ensuring it remains in place for as long as you need.


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